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EMICRO - Electric scooter

The most compact solution for making your journeys stress-free and stylish

The electric scooters by Micro have a modern and compact design. The emicro are also the most lightweight electric scooters you will find.

Developed in Switzerland, special attention is being placed on combining high-tech materials and the newest motor technologies.

Need help to choose your electric scooter?
  • what age do you have? Condor, Eagle & Merlin are for 18+, Sparrow 8+
  • what distance would you like to cover? Condor & Merlin are for max. 18-25km, Eagle reaches 8-12km
  • looking for the most compact one? Eagle is your choice!
  • rough street conditions? Merlin is your choice with its front & rear suspension
  • more questions? call us on 02/4455484

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    1 Item(s)

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