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We select our products with very special care, they are all subject to high standards of quality and durability. 

There are many spare parts available for each of our brands which enables repairing the product. Our products are warranted for 2 years against defects in material and/or workmanship. This warranty only applies to the first byer and doesn't apply to any damage caused by incorrect use, accidents, neglect, misuse, incorrect maintenance, wear and tear, unprescribed use by the brand or dammage by heat or contact with solvents. If a non-authorized party damages the product in its attempt to repair it, the warranty isn't applied. 

When a defect in material or in workmanship is notified to Odissey within 2 years of the date of purchase, we will first attempt to repair the product. Only if a product can't be repaired or a spare part is irreplacable, which is determined by Odissey, the product can be replaced or credited. If a product is replaced or credited, the liability cannot exceed the purchase price of the defect product. 

In order to repair or to credit products, claims can be evaluated by us only if we receive the correct photographic material and information of the defective product. The documents requested are: pictures of the defect, picture of the serial code of the product, SKU of the product and the date of purchase.

Specific brand conditions: