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Launched in 2022 with new updates the race bundle offers stores the opportunity to present the most technical range of bags in the Restrap range. Chosen based on our extensive sales data and used in the harshest of conditions the range expresses the Race pedigree of the Brand. This bundle includes 24 products and offers the dealers 3 free store POS (a light box, a window sticker and a Restrap poster banner (size to be agreed with Odissey).

Included in this bundle:

  • 1x Race Aero Bar Bag
  • 2x Race Bar Bag
  • 4x Race Stem Bag
  • 3x Race Frame Bag S
  • 3x Race Frame Bag L
  • 2x Race Saddle Bag
  • 3x Race Top Tube 
  • 3x Race Top Tube - Long
  • 1x Race Musette Black
  • 1x Race Musette Olive
  • 1x Race Musette Orange
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