"MIPS: Collection 2020 will be fully in MIPS" - What is MIPS exactly?
MIPS is an abbreviation for 'Multidirectional Impact Protection System'
This technology is developed by a team of medical and scientific researchers
A helmet can receive the label after positive evaluation and integrating the fine MIPS-layer to the helmet

Does the helmet safety standard include regulations for injuries caused by an angled impact?
Today helmets are approved after testing a linear impact and not an angled impact
However, in reality we are most likely to fall from a certain angle and not straight down
Nutcase chooses this extra protection and becomes the 1st lifestyle brand to offer a full MIPS range

Nutcase MIPS

MIPS is an additional protection against brain damage caused by a lateral impact
Research has shown that more strain (pressure) is found in brain tissue from a non-lineair impact
Helmets compliant with modern regulations mainly protect your head against skull fracture
A helmet with MIPS-label offers an additional, non-mandatory, protection against brain injuries

mips nutcase

MIPS imitates the natural protection found in our brains
The cerebrospinal fluid found between skull and brains is imitaded by the MIPS-layer
The fine layer added to the helmet reduces chances of minor and severe brain damage

what does mips do

What else does Nutcase offer with its 2020 GEN4 collection?
✔ Ponytail Fit: space between spin dial and helmet for your ponytail
✔ Visor: easier and stronger attachment
✔ Ventilation: +20% more ventilation
✔ Air holes: easier to attach accessories (lock, lights,...)
✔ Side straps: better to adjust for more comfort
✔ VIO: commuter helmet with 360° lights (USB)