What does bikepacking mean?

The word bikepacking comes from the words backpacking and bike. You discover a new country, not by carrying around a heavy backpack but by bike and somes practical cycle luggage. You can choose to camp your way around or to plan ahead and book some sleeping arrangements. Some bikepackers pack everything along and take cooking materials along and others prefer not to take all this extra weight with them. You are totally free to choose! That's what's so great about bikepacking! You can be as adventurous as you like. Whichever you choose, you will encounter beautiful places on your bike ride you otherwise won't get the chance to see!

Another great thing about bikepacking is you can choose to go for a weekend trip, a full week or you can pack up everything on your bike and go out for 4 months or so! That's the freedom of going on holiday by bike. You can choose whether you stick around a place or not. Take in as much as you can on your trip and enjoy the silence as well as all the sounds of nature.


Bikepacking luggage by Restrap

The duration of your trip, will determine for a great deal how much weight you will carry on your bike. Just be aware that the less weight their is, the more you'll enjoy cycling in a sportive way! Luckily there are many ways to carry everything you need. Restrap uses only the best waterproof materials and thanks to the magnetic Fidlock, you will open and close your cycle bags quickly. You will appreciate this a lot when you want to enter your sleeping arrangements or change clothes quickly after facing wind and rain.
The light weight will help you overcome those mountains and while encountering some fallen trees in the woods, you will still be able to pick up your gravelbike. You will definitely need to have this in mind if you are going on an offroad adventure! That's the beauty and wildness of nature and thanks to the right bike and lightweight materials, you will overcome any obstacle!


Different types of cycle bags

There are 3 kinds of cycle bags that you can directly attach to the frame of your bike and you don't have to use a carrier. Different systems by Restrap make sure you easily take out the drybag from the construction attached to your bike. You can find them here:
Saddle / Seat bags
Frame bags
Bar bags

If you plan on going on a longer journey, we advise you to attach some larger bags to the carriers on your tour bike. We advise you to get these 2 Restrap bags:
Pannier / rear rack
Rando Bag / front carrier

An enthousiastic team from the UK manages to hand make these bags in their eco-resonsible factory in Yorkshire. Read more about Restrap here: the story of Restrap