Looking for something more comfy ans smooth for strolling the city, but yet compact and light? Micro Rocket scooters and Micro Speed+ scooters are offering you a good mobility solution to go to school or around the city.

the Micro Scooter Speed+ is equipped with shock-absorbing wheels – a very special extra feature. The ball bearings are embedded in silicone, achieving a mild shock absorbing effect and, consequently, contributing to a smooth ride - even on rough surfaces.

the Micro Scooter Rocket is equipped with extra-wide wheels. These are particularly suitable for frequent downhill rides on steep slopes. A broad contact surface ensures that wear on the wheel caused by constant braking is minimised as much as possible. The rubber insert on the brake plate also prevents it from heating up too quickly. The aluminium deck also provides the best-possible stability when you want to up the speed on your journey.

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