Meet our team


Our company was built from our passion for products with a good story. We believe that our brands stimulte the 'new' mobility in towns and cities. All have quality, design and safety in common. To our partners (shop owners and entrepreneurs) we want to offer real added value with our products and high-level service. Today we are proud of our dealer-network that is mainly composed by the best bike shops, outdoor & leisure shops and quality toy stores. Meet our team and contact us for information on how we can work together.

Paul Baetens Chief in Charge Odissey
Paul Baetens
Chief in Charge
Laurence Deroisy Operations & Office Odissey
Laurence Deroisy
Mrs. Driving Force
Nathalie Baetens Customer Representative Toy Stores
Nathalie Baetens
Customer Happiness Representative
(Toy Stores)
Matthias Verhaeghen Customer Representative Bike Stores
Mathias Verhaeghen
Bikelover & Sales Ambassador 
(Bike Stores)
Caro Nilis Internal Sales & Marketing
Caro Nilis
Customer Happiness & Creative Drive
Cyril Cornez Internal Sales & After-Sales
Cyril Cornez
Operations & After-Sales Champion